One of the main initiatives of Women on Air is to encourage and promote women’s voices on radio and TV, where we are very much underrepresented. Research indicates that men outnumber women on broadcast media by two to one.  And even where women do speak, research indicates they still tend to be relegated to “softer” areas, such as entertainment and fashion.

Our mission is to change that dynamic. We offer high quality media training weekends for women, followed by a six month mentoring programme where an experienced broadcaster supports our participants in getting their message heard.

We are particularly interested in training women who have something of substance to contribute to public debate. To date, we have trained women from many different walks of life, women who work with voluntary services, lawyers, chefs, psychologists, tax experts, gardeners,  journalists and more. We are currently compiling a database of these women for use by media professionals.

It is free of charge to participate, we are funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. All we require is commitment to the training process and mentoring programme.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for our training course, please complete the following form and we’ll get in touch about your application.