Women on Air is a community of like-minded women and men who want to hear and see more women on the airwaves. We’re a completely voluntary networking group that runs seminars, events and informal training workshops to help give women the skills and confidence to go on radio and television. All women involved, from the speakers to committee members, volunteer their time to ensure a greater diversity of voices on the airwaves.

Many women, no matter how expert they may be in their field, seem hesitant to state their views in public forums such as radio, television or in live debates. They tend to shy away from opinion journalism. Producers and researchers also report that they have great difficulty getting women on the airwaves.

Women on Air events and conferences provide female area experts with media contacts, practical broadcasting tips, inside information and personal contacts. Through our seminars and meetings, women come to understand that their opinions are valid, and wanted, by radio researchers and producers. They also form networks of women who encourage and support them to get on radio or TV.

The community was founded in 2010 by journalist and entrepreneur Margaret E. Ward.